End of our Translation of the Introduction to Book II of the Iliad: lines 109-130

Homer, Iliad, Book II. INTRODUCTION to The Catalogue of Ships in Translation, lines 109-130

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End of our Translation of the Introduction to Book II of the Iliad: lines 109-130 Click to ENLARGE:Iliad 2 109-130 Greek1800As I promised in my last post, I would draw to a definite conclusion my translation of the Introduction to Book II of the Iliad, arbitrarily cutting the whole thing off at line 130, since after this point Agamemnon, after his usual fashion, flies off into a fit (even worse than this one!), lamenting in self-pity that Almighty Zeus would have dared pull such a stunt on him, and not allow to the Archeans to sack Troy, but to have to turn around and sail back home with their tails between their legs, something no man as arrogant and pig-headed as Agamemnon would ever accept. When we next return to our translation of The Catalogue of Ships, starting with line 484, everything is hunkey-dorey again, since Agamemnon has finally (finally!... was…

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