About koryvantesstudies

Since 2008, the Association of Historical Studies “KORYVANTES” lead at an international level the research and practical study of Greek Warfare, reconstructing and testing weapons, armor and fighting techniques of 3.300 years of Greek History.

The work is mainly presented in Museums and Academic Organizations, participating in Academic conferences of Experimental Archaeology (University of Warsaw 2011, Academy of Pultusk 2012, University of Belgrade 2012 / 2014, Organization Exarc / Denmark 2013, others). Studies have been published in Academic literature (British Archaeology Report Series, EXARC, etc) and Special Journals of Greek (Μάχες και Στρατιώτες, Στρατιωτική Ιστορία) and International market (Ancient Warfare Magazine).

The Association also work extensively in the multimedia area and have established collaboration with developers of Electronic Games (skins, Modifications) and music bands (video clip productions, etc).

koryvantesstudies.org is an official web site of the Association, built to provide easy access to all the public Association material.

All material in this site is Intelectual Property of the KORYVANTES Association 
Please do not copy without written permission

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