An Analysis of the Archaic Greek in the Iliad: Book II (Lines 1-34)

An Analysis of the Archaic Greek in the Iliad:
Book II (Lines 1-34)

To read my modern twenty-first century translation
of the first 34 lines of the Introduction to Book II
of the Iliad and my analysis of the influences of
archaic Mycenaean Greek (Linear B) on the Introduction,
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Richard Vallance Janke
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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An Analysis of the Archaic Greek in the Iliad: Book II (Lines 1-34) [Click to ENLARGE]:

Analysis of the archaic Greek in the iliad-book-2-lines-1-34

This post takes the text of the first 34 lines of Book II of the Iliad, which appear in the previous post with my translation into English, and extrapolates from that text most of the archaic Greek grammar and vocabulary which appear in it. And there is quite a lot. For instance, the archaic Mycenaean genitive appears in line 18 (i9ppoda/moio Linear B IQODAMOYO), dative in line 3. (nhusinLinear B NEUSI) and accusative in line 19. (pannu/xion… …a1ndra Linear B PANUKIO… ….ADARA), to cite just 3 examples in the first 34 lines alone. Archaic forms of all parts of speech are found throughout Book II of the Iliad, but they occur far more frequently in the Catalogue of Ships (Lines 484-789) than anywhere else. The significance of this cannot…

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