An Easter Enigma

RE: .2 e-so-do qo-re-ja OVUM 42

To me, this does not look like the ideogram for sheep at all. But once again, I am probably dead wrong. Plus you say:

OVUM 42: the logogram is new, but that it represents an egg is, I think, certain (though perhaps I simply have them on the brain today)

Stranger than fiction to me. I think it is just the 142, which the scribe scribbled as an ovoid, instead of a circle. But you are probably right, and I am wrong. Still, this makes me very uncomfortable. The rest of your translation makes eminent sense.



Mycenaean Miscellany

There are few things in life more consistently delightful than waking on Easter morning to a house full of chocolate eggs.  As such, I rose early today, and scampered down the stairs in excitement of what bounty might await me.  As I turned the corner at the landing, I could tell that my hopes were not to be disappointed: on the table sat a basket, ready to be filled as I found the eggs about the house.  As I drew nearer, though, and got a better look at the basket, I realized there was something in it already – a slab of chocolate, rectangular, its surface oddly uneven.  Leaning in, I knew what I must be seeing, but could scarce believe it – carved into the chocolate tablet were the curvilinear glyphs of the Linear B script.

With what I will insist was remarkable grace, I turned and sprang back…

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