Thank you so much, Adonis Koryvantes, for not only inviting me to join your blog, but for allowing me to be an author

Thank you so much, Adonis Koryvantes, for not only inviting me to
join your blog, but for allowing me to be an author. I sincerely
hope I can contribute some really useful posts. PS I hope you got
my invitation to my blog!
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I shall soon post some of the lovely photos of Mycenae I took when
I was there in early May, 2012.


Meanwhile, you may wish to check out this post on Linear B, Knossos
& Mycenae: Click on the composite of the Frescoes to read this post
the composite is much larger on my blog)

composite of frescoes at Knossos

10 of the Loveliest Frescoes from Knossos (Composite): Choose your
Favourite(s)! Click to ENLARGE:

These frescoes are as follows:
[1] The Fresco of the Dolphins in the Queen’s Megaron 
[2] The Spectators Fresco (most likely of the bull leaping contest)
[3] The Octopus Fresco
[4] The Griffin Fresco in the Throne Room of the Queen’s Megaron
[5] The Cup bearers Fresco at the Ceremonial Entrance to the Palace
of Knossos
[6] The “Prince of Lilies Fresco”
[7] The “Bluebird Fresco” from the “House of Frescoes” at Knossos
[8] The Bull Fresco on the outer wall of the Bull Portico 
[9] The Fresco often called “Les Parisiennes”
[10] The Spectators Fresco (probably at a dance performance at the
theatre of Knossos)

Please note that the originals of all the frescoes at Knossos are now
housed in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Those found onsite at
Knossos are copies, though splendid ones at that. 

Just choose your favourite fresco(es), just one (1) if you like, or as
many as three (3) and either post your choice(s) in Comments for this
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The addresses are not hot linked here. You will have to copy them into
your address book, and then send me your answer(s). The more folks who
answer, the merrier. So let’s all have a bit of fun! Once I have all
the results in, I shall list your own favourite(s), and mine too, of
course! This should be plenty of fun for everyone, and besides, I do
wonder how much overlap there is in people’s tastes.

So do participate!